Hi! We're Mike & Melissa MacMurchy, recently married twosome & creators of Branches & Boles Woodworks.
Welcome to our wood design studio based in Guelph, Ontario & here, in the aether of the internet!
The dream of our studio was conceived after a much needed trip to Barbados in March, 2018. As most do when leaving the sun, sand, and salt rims behind, Mike returned to work with a little less gusto than he'd had before the trip.
Our world was irrevocably shaken with the simple question: "What's stopping us from woodworking?"
In very short order Queen West was behind us as we headed for the mills, and the family we would so desperately need. We opened The Shop, adopted our first #ShopDog, Alfie, took on several stage & home installs to pay the bills, and have since launched two collections while continuing to expand our one-of-a-kind collection. Oh, and we added another #ShopDog, Rhea to the team as well as baby Oren!
As always, we have a lot on the horizon, but are most looking forward to sharing it all with you! <3
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